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The objectives of Forth Tunnel Action Group (ForthTAG) are:

to put a balanced view of the various options for the construction of another crossing over the Firth of Forth to government.  In promoting a Tunnel, ForthTAG is proposing the optimum solution based on the absolute minimum long term disturbance to the environment, shortest construction period, cost and location.

ForthTAG will lobby MSPs and Transport Scotland; it will present it findings to local meetings, through our web page and articles in the press. Our original aims was to have the building of the second Forth crossing as one of the main issues for the May 2007 elections, this was successfully done. The Forth Crossing was indeed one of the major issues in the surrounding Counties of Fife and West Lothian and the City of Edinburgh. ForthTAGs aims now are to work with the Scottish Government to deliver a crossing that will meet the needs of the new century. We are moving away from the epoch of “carbon fuel” towards that of “peak oil” with an abundance of green energy on the horizon. We should take advantage of this to develop a world class public infrastructure for the travelling public.

The web site has again been brought up to date to reflect the growing support for a tunnel and now contains detailed comments on various reports commissioned by FETA and the Scottish Executive and more recently the information pack that was presented to the board of FETA in which the cable replacement was discussed.

Prior the the Election ForthTAG was invited to speak to over twenty bodies, including Rotary, Probus, local Community Councils, West Lothian Council and other public meetings. Through out this period, poles found that over 75% of those attending favoured an Immersed Tube Tunnel (ITT). This finding has subsequently been supported by a representative survey of the residents of South Queensferry who voted 91% in favour of an ITT. During this period Transport Scotland issued the "Forth Replacement Crossing Study – Report 3" please see our robust response to this under "Fact, Fiction or Spin", You can find the full report here.

A 4th year civil and structural engineering undergraduate on the M Eng programme has reached the same conclusions as ForthTag - a tunnel would be better than a bridge. Please see his report here.